Recipe: Rainbow Chopped Salad

November 9, 2020

Recipe: Rainbow Chopped Salad

Jill Roberts joins us again with an awesome Rainbow Chopped Salad recipe. What?! Chopped Salad CBD Dressing…YUM!


Chopped Salad CBD Dressing, what a combination. Increased stress compromises our Immune System. Cold & Flu season is here and we need to ensure our body is ready for the fight of the season. We are eating healthy with Jill Roberts from Living Up Wellness. She joins us to talk about incorporating healthy immune boosting foods into our diet. This Rainbow Chopped Salad recipe is loaded with nutrients that help our body to stay strong and healthy during this season. See below for the recipe. Join us each week for a new video featuring a new guest who will talk with Tammy about health, wellness, and the cannabis community!


Jill will join us on the 2nd Monday each month at 3:00 CST! Tune-in for more fun with Tammy and Jill in the future!

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Learn more about Jill: Living Up Wellness

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