Testimonial – Domin H

September 30, 2020

Testimonial – Domin H


I have shopped here on multiple occasions and every time I was greeted, received a warm welcome, and had overall positive interactions. I bought some CBD dog treats for my brother’s dog for Christmas, and to say the least he is a fan. I really appreciate the owner’s knowledge of her products as well as CBD in general. I also really liked the last time I went in she really took the time to explain the benefits of CBD and what the different labels mean on the products, so that I could understand. Arolistic Naturals is a gem and it’s worth a visit!

Domin H

Tammy Didier

About Tammy

Tammy’s expertise as a Certified Aromatherapist, along with her years of experience in the medical field enables her to educate and supply our community with the highest quality hemp products.